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One of the few free resources available on the web dedicated to helping those who want to learn more about the craft of film and television production.  
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APRIL 2009
This one-day seminar will change your entire perception of what exposure is, what it means and how to achieve great exposure.
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These videos go where no book, video, or class has ever traveled. These simple and raw videos put you there. You'll learn more with one of these disks about the art of lighting and cinematography than four years of college could collectively teach. Check out our merchandise page above!!






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There is very little out there in print that takes you 'inside' a production and we hope the following articles will give people insights to technique that they can't find anywhere else. Each article will open in a new window. Simply close the window to return to this page. As always we welcome comments and opinions. If you are noting errors on a page, please tell me the title of the page too!

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Production Workshops
Walter gives lectures, seminars and workshops in all areas of production from lighting, to producing, to workflow scenarios, and everything in-between based on his extensive 25 year experience working in all areas of film and video production. His presentation style gets rave reviews as he speaks in a no nonsense, fun-filled manner. Walter talks to all levels of people from amateur to veteran. Walter gives, small private group lectures, speaks privately at corporations, production companies, TV stations, universities, and lower levels of education. If you are interested in a workshop, please email him. Also, check left column of this page for announcements.

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