Sneak Peak of New Green Screen DVD

Green screen For Idiots-DVD #008

Watch the video below. The first nine minute is sample from the instructional section of the DVD. The last minute is what that set-up created for me using green screen. Imagine being walked through every aspect of its production from concept to shooting, to editing a completely green screen commercial. I started this DVD/instructional idea as a how-to for lighting green screen. But this idea grew. I realized I needed to explain more. So this DVD is about how I produced the commercial you see at the end of the sample video below. From the technical side of camera and lighting the green screen, as I shoot and direct and from there, I take you step by step through the editing process and teach you all the tricks and techniques I use to make this spot happen. Along the way I explain some of the myths about green screen in addition to letting you see some solutions to problems I faced. While I normally use more sophisticated software to make such a spot, I wanted to make this disk available to anyone that had little-budget, nothing more in the software department than Final Cut Pro, and an idea. So that is all I used to make it. If you ever wanted to follow a pro step-by-step as he produces a low budget TV commercial with high production value then this DVD offers the opportunity of a lifetime.

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After you watch this spot, click here to see the same commercial raw with no effects.