#001 Disk One - The Headshot
Camera Used In Demonstration: DVX100A
Running Time: 48:50 minutes
Broken down into 13 Chapters
Shot in NTSC but playable anywhere
Price $21.00 US
(NY State Residents Pay Sales Tax)

"I got your 'Headshots' DVD and between
that and the great articles on your web site, I feel
like I went to film school! Very informative, super
practical, and no fluff. Perfect. Kudos to you for a
fine job of teaching the craft."

-Thanks, Ray Pryor

Click Monitor to see a four minute highlight video
(11megs- 320x240 Quick Time Format)

The headshot is the basis for much of what we do in many areas of film and television today. When you clearly understand how to make this shot look great, you're on your way to making everything else look good too. Imagine if you could have an instructional tape that was like a combination of reality television in presentation, "This Old House" in style, and like having a cinematographers bonus soundtrack on a DVD. That's what you get with this DVD. It's raw, it's fun, and it's definitely educational. Take a look at the highlight demo below for a taste. This is a must have for anyone serious about learning lighting technique who wants to start with a solid foundation.

NOTE FROM WALTER: What this will not teach you! Let's try something. We will got to an art store, buy some brushes, paint and an easel and we'll take them to the park. Let's set it up and I will talk you through how I paint a landscape. Now you try it! And that is what you will not learn from this or any other teaching device. Lighting is an art. Some folks will never learn how to light all that well, just as some will never learn to draw. I have tried to make this disk so that it shows you the thought process. You will walk away with many answers but even more questions. If you do then this disk has done it's job. This presentation is designed to lay down a foundation for you. If you watch it with a pen and paper and think that you can then take those notes and simply light like a pro, you will be disappointed. There is no lighting plot in life, only a template. That is what this disk will give you, a foundation of understanding. Practice will improve your skills. This disk will set the foundation for those skills. I don't know any other presentation that does it as well as this does, but then again, I am biased as I made it although from the incredible feedback I am getting, it is clear I have done that well here.


Satisfied customers:

"I received you lighting vignette DVD yesterday.  Excellent Job!  I can already tell it will be a valuable resource to me in my upcoming independent endeavors.  Thanks again.  I look forward to seeing more of these come out."

"Just got watched my copy over the weekend. Fantastic, Walt! I watched it 3 times just to really absorb it all . I really liked the analogy of the full moon as flat, against a half moon with dimensions. I also liked your composition artistry of balancing the background elements with subject. I remember putting up a request post inquiring about the use of different gels, and BAM--they were on this DVD! All in all, a great product, and I can't wait for the next one."


Click here to see a four minute highlight video
(11megs- 320x240 Quick Time Format)